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Andropogon ternarius 'Black Mountain' ~ Black Mountain Bluestem-ServeScape

Andropogon ternarius 'Black Mountain'


| 18-CT FLAT | 70 Avail. | $85.05

Black Mountain Bluestem is a compact native grass that has refined but sturdy blue-green foliage that develops red hues later in summer. The spikelets have tips covered in silvery white hairs that catch the sun bloom in late summer or early fall.   Grows best in full sun and moist, loamy well-drained soils.  Drought tolerant Type:  Orn. Grass Height:  1.5 - 3' Spread:  1 - 1.5' Spacing:  1.5' USDA Hardiness Zone:  6 - 9 Culture:  Full Sun Bloom Color:  White Season of Interest:  Summer, Fall MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Prefers moist, fertile, loamy soils that do not dry out and is generally intolerant of dry soils. It should be noted that the moist soil preference...

Muhlenbergia capillaris ~ Pink Muhly Grass-ServeScape

Muhlenbergia capillaris


| 18-CT FLAT | 55 Avail. | $66.15

| DP-50 | 55 Avail. | $105.00

| 1 G | 2100 Avail. | $7.88

| 3 G | 20 Avail. | $22.58

Pink Muhly Grass is a delicate looking ornamental grass that forms dense clumps of upright grass-like foliage.  The narrow dark green foliage is topped with fluffy pink plumes bloom above the foliage in late summer and fall and tan seed heads persist into winter.  Best color in full sun and moist well-drained soil.   Muhlenbergia capillaris acts as a host plant for several moth and butterfly species, as well as provides habitat for traveling butterflies. Type:  Orn. Grass Height:  2' - 3' Spread:  2' - 3' Spacing:  2’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  6 - 9 Culture:   Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Pink/Tan Season of Interest:  Summer, Fall, Year-Round MAINTENANCE NEEDS: ...


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