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Achillea x 'Coronation Gold'  ~ Coronation Gold Yarrow - Delivered By ServeScape

Achillea x 'Coronation Gold'


| 1 G | 25 Avail. | $9.98

Coronation Gold Yarrow is an upright, clump-forming herbaceous perennial with aromatic silvery-gray foliage.  Small, deep yellow flowers bloom in huge clusters on sturdy stems above the foliage in summer.  An excellent cut flower that retains color when dried.  Heat and drought tolerant.  Prefers full sun and well-drained soils.  Type:  Perennial Height:  2.5' - 3' Spread:  1.5' - 2' Spacing:  1.5' USDA Hardiness Zone:   3 - 8 Culture:  Full Sun Bloom Color:  Yellow Season of Interest:  Summer MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low maintenance.  Stems tend to flop if grown in rich, moist soils.  Taller stems may need staking if grown in light shade.  Can cut back in...

Hibiscus coccineus  ~ Swamp Hibiscus, Scarlet Rosemallow - Delivered By ServeScape

Hibiscus coccineus


| 2 G | 25 Avail. | $16.80

Swamp Hibiscus is a vigorous long-blooming deciduous perennial with palmate dark green leaves.  Huge dark red flowers with a prominent red tubular stamen bloom from mid-summer until the first frost attracting butterflies.  Best bloom in rich, medium to wet well-drained soils.  Hibiscus coccineus is a host for the Grey Hairstreak and Painted Lady butterflies, as well as several moths.  The flowers and nectar attract hummingbirds, bees and more butterflies.  Type:  Perennial Height:  3' - 6' Spread:  2' - 3’ Spacing:  3’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  6 - 9 Culture:   Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Red Season of Interest:  Summer, Fall MAINTENANCE NEEDS:   Low maintenance.  Few problems if watered regularly and deeply with plenty of air...

Hosta x 'Empress Wu' - Delivered By ServeScape

Hosta 'Empress Wu'


| 2 G | 22 Avail. | $20.48

Empress Wu Hosta is a large shade-loving herbaceous perennial primarily grown for its foliage.  The huge 2 foot green basal leaves lose their waxy coating and blue tint as they mature, and are deeply veined and corrugated.  Small bell-like pale reddish-violet flowers raise up in terminals from the rootstalk above the mound in mid summer attracting butterflies and pollinators.  Best color in partial sun and moist well-drained soils. Type:  Perennial Height:  4' - 5' Spread:  6' - 8’ Spacing:  7’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  3 - 9 Culture:  Part Sun, Full Shade Bloom Color:  Purple Season of Interest:  Summer MAINTENANCE NEEDS:   Low maintenance.  Snails and slugs can cause severe problems if left unchecked.  Foliar nematodes can cause interveinal browning....


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