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Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'

Big Blue Lily Turf

$7.70 | 18-CT FLAT | 15 Avail. | $45.00

18-CT FLAT Weight: 25.0 lb

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4" POT Weight: 5.0 lb

$7.70 | 1 G | 409 Avail. | $7.70

1 G Weight: 25.0 lb

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Big Blue Lily Turf is an attractive arching evergreen perennial that grows in tufts and is often used for groundcover or turf replacement.  The pale blue flowers grow in abundance on short stalks above the grass-like green foliage in summer and followed by small clusters of black berries.  Best in part sun and well-drained soil.  




1' - 1.5'


1’ - 1.5'



USDA Hardiness Zone: 

5 - 10


Full SunPart Sun

Bloom Color: 


Season of Interest: 

Summer, Year-Round

MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Water Regularly.  Watch for snails and slugs. 
LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, BordersUrban GardensGround Cover, Edging, and Containers.

COMPANION PLANTS: Speedwell, Daylily, Coneflower

IMAGES: Photo by David J. Stang, Liriope muscari Big Blue 1zzCC BY-SA 4.0, (2) Photo by David J. Stang, Liriope muscari Big Blue 3zzCC BY-SA 4.0

*As plants have ranges in appearance they may not appear as the images shown.

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