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Hosta 'First Frost' ~ First Frost Hosta - Delivered By ServeScape

Hosta 'First Frost'


| 3 G | 45 Avail. | $25.20

| 1 G | 35 Avail. | $10.50

First Frost Hosta is a shade-loving herbaceous perennial primarily grown for their foliage.  The large basal leaves are deeply veined blue-green with a wide creamy-yellow edging that matures to white.  The bell-like pale purple flowers raise up in terminals from the rootstalk above the mound in mid-summer attracting butterflies.  Best bloom in partial sun and moist well-drained soils.  First Frost is resistant to slug damage.   Type:  Perennial Height:  1' - 1.5' Spread:  2' - 3’ Spacing:  2’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  4 - 9 Culture:  Part Sun, Full Shade Bloom Color:  Purple Season of Interest:  Summer MAINTENANCE NEEDS:   Low maintenance.  Snails and slugs can cause severe problems if left unchecked.  Foliar nematodes...

Gardenia jasminoides 'Radicans' ~ Miniature Gardenia - Delivered By ServeScape

Gardenia jasminoides 'Radicans'


| 3 G | 75 Avail. | $23.13

Miniature Gardenia is a dwarf spreading evergreen shrub noted for its thick, glossy dark green leaves and extremely fragrant petite white flowers. These flowers either bloom throughout the year if the temperature doesn’t dip below 60 degrees F or in late spring to early summer.  Prefers partial sun, acidic, and moist well-drained soils.  Miniature Gardenia can be used as a groundcover. Type:  Shrub, Groundcover Height:  0.5' - 1' Spread:  2' - 3’ Spacing:  2’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  8 - 11 Culture:  Part Sun Bloom Color:  White Season of Interest:  Spring, Summer, Year-Round MAINTENANCE NEEDS: High Maintenance.  Water regularly, do not let the soil dry out.   Fertilize...

Caryopteris × clandonensis 'Dark Knight ~ Dark Knight Bluebeard - Delivered By ServeScape

Caryopteris × clandonensis 'Dark Knight


| 3 G | 25 Avail. | $39.38

Dark Knight Bluebeard is a low mounding deciduous shrub with aromatic dull green lace shaped foliage with silvery undersides. Profuse clusters of  fragrant deep purplish blue flowers bloom on new wood from summer into fall.  Flowers best in full sun and loamy well-drained soils.  Tolerates some drought. Type:  Shrub Height:  2' - 3' Spread:  2’ - 3' Spacing:  2' USDA Hardiness Zone:  5 - 9 Culture:  Full Sun Bloom Color:  Blue Season of Interest:  Summer, Fall MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Prune back stems in spring to promote growth.  Crown rot may occur in poorly drained soils.  No serious pest or disease issues.LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, Borders, Naturalized Areas, Wildlife Garden, Foundation Plantings, and...

Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Pygmy'  ~ Crimson Pygmy Barberry - Delivered By ServeScape

Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Pygmy'


| 1 G | 150 Avail. | $8.61

| 3 G | 185 Avail. | $23.98

Crimson Pygmy Barberry is a compact dwarf deciduous branching shrub valued for its vibrant foliage that grows full to the ground.  The small oval leaves are a crimson red with a bronze tinge that becomes brilliant red in fall.  Tiny yellow flowers bloom in spring and are followed by abundant bright red fruits that stay on the stems after the leaves fall.  Best color in full sun and well-drained soils.  Drought and deer resistant.  Type:  Shrub Height:  1’ - 2’  Spread:  2’ - 3’ Spacing:  2’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  4 - 8  Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Yellow Season of Interest:  Year-Round MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low maintenance.  Some susceptibility...


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