Gardenia jasminoides 'August Beauty'

August Beauty Gardenia

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August Beauty Gardenia is a dwarf evergreen shrub noted for its thick, glossy dark green leaves and large extremely fragrant velvety double white flowers. These flowers either bloom throughout the year if the temperature doesn’t dip below 60 degrees F or in late spring to early summer.  Prefers partial sun, acidic, and moist well-drained soils.  




3' - 5'


2' - 3’



USDA Hardiness Zone: 

8 - 11


Part Sun

Bloom Color: 


Season of Interest: 

SpringSummer, Year-Round

MAINTENANCE NEEDS: High Maintenance.  Water regularly, do not let the soil dry out.   Fertilize in spring or summer to encourage bloom, but do not fertilize in fall- it will encourage tender growth.  Mulch planted area. Prune after flowering. Drip irrigation will help prevent leaf spot. Insects can be a serious problem, as well as powdery mildew, dieback, and sooty mold.

LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, BordersWoodland Gardens, Rock GardensContainers, Foundational Plantings.

COMPANION PLANTS: Azalea, Camellia, Coral Bells

Image: Forest & Kim Starr, Starr 080117-1710 Gardenia augusta, CC BY 3.0

Image: Photo by David J. Stang, Gardenia jasminoides 8zz, CC BY-SA 4.0



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