NutriStar Azalea Food

Nelson Plant Food

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NutriStar Azalea Food by Nelson Plant Food can be used on azaleas and all acid loving plants. NutriStar Azalea Food provides two sources of iron, three sources of slow-release nitrogen, four acidifying sources, and 20% cottonseed meal. NutriStar Azalea Food feeds plant for 2-3 months.


Where to Use:

Plants that prefer an acidic environment or have problems with iron deficiencies, including but not limited to: Azaleas, Caladums, Camellias, Dogwoods, Ferns, Gardenias, Hydrangeas, Jasmines, Magnolias, and Red Buds.


When to Use:

Apply NutriStar at the beginning of spring and then every two months during the growing season.


How to Use:

Plants in the landscape bed: Distribute 1/2 cup of NutriStar evenly over 10 square feet of surface area around the plant(s). Water thoroughly.

Transplanting: Mix 1 cup of NutriStar thoroughly into one cubic foot of planting media. Distribute the media at a minimum of four inches thick over the area to be planted. Place the plant(s) and water thoroughly.

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