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Mr. Natural Soil Starter Kit

$36.00 | 3 (40 lbs) bags | 84 Avail. | $36.00

3 (40 lbs) bags Weight: 120.0 lb

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The Mr. Natural Soil Starter Kit gets you a taste of soil perfection. Using these three products together especially in the winter time will prepare your landscape for optimal production in the spring. 

Each Kit Contains three bags of soil, one bag of each product. Each bag covers 1 cubic foot.

Three amazing children of Mr. Natural area (in no order of favorites): Complete Landscape Mix (best for sun-loving plants), Worm Castings, Woodland Soil Mix (best for shade plants). These are the landscape-industry standards - just ask a pro. All are excellent as a top-dressing in Winter.

Mr. Natural Complete Soil Mix: "Pre-mixed planting soil scientifically designed for growing a wide variety of plants in Georgia clay soils." 

The CLM Complete is a combination of slowly released organic components derived from the Mr. Natural® Hen Manure Compost and Worm Castings, and Permatill® Expanded Slate to improve soil drainage, with added natural coarse quartzite river sand.  

Mr. Natural Worm Castings: Raved about by older, experienced gardeners and written about for over 100 years, worm castings is a nice name for what passes through a worm.  Mr. Natural® Worm Castings is a rich soil amendment for plants that prefer acidic soils such as rhododendron, azaleas, camellias, gardenias, and most native and shade garden plants and ferns. Leading professional landscapers also use Mr. Natural® Worm Castings to top-dress hydrangeas with rich organics while keeping their blue hydrangeas blue.  Saul Nurseries has found that Mr. Natural® Worm Castings is excellent topdressing for containers, native and shade perennials and houseplants. 

Mr. Natural Woodland Soil MixPre-mixed planting soil formulated for plants that grow best in acidic soils, such as rhododendron, azaleas, camellias, gardenias, ferns, and most native and shade garden plants. Woodland Soil Mix is also used by professional landscapers to help keep blue hydrangeas blue. We’ve now added Mr. Natural® Worm Castings to WSM to boost natural organic values without raising the pH. 

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