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NutriStar Rose Food by Nelson Plant Foods promotes lush foliage and and early spring bloom. NutriStar Rose Food contains bone meal and is developed with a high magnesium formulation. 


Where to Use:

For all Roses including but not limited to: antique roses, climbing roses, floribundas, grandiflora roses, known out roses, miniature roses, rosa banksias, and tea roses.


When to Use:

Apply NutriStar every three months during growing season (March-September).


How to Use:

Plants in the landscape bed: Distribute 1/4 cup of NutriStar evenly over 10 square feet of surface area around the plant(s). Water thoroughly

Transplanting: Mix 1 cup of NutriStar thoroughly into one cubic foot of planting media. Distribute the media at a minimum of four inches thick over the area to be planted. Place the plant(s) and water thoroughly.

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