Brassica oleracea

'Lacinato' Kale


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Also known as 'Dinosaur' kale, this Italian heirloom is distinctly versatile and dependable. Bumpy deep green leaves can be harvested as cut-and-come again, are tender and sweet enough to be enjoyed in soups, salads, and other dishes throughout the cool season- no need to fuss with cutting out the midribs. You'll also see this cultivar in landscape plantings because of its unique texture and vase like natural form, as well as its ability to stay looking great in full sun to part shade conditions. 'Dinosaur' grows up to 2.5' tall and wide, but generally plant about 18" apart. 

A no-brainer for the "filler" in container gardening, in vegetable gardens, edible landscaping, and in seasonal color displays. 




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