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Buddleja x 'Podaras #8' ~ Flutterby Petite® Blue Heaven Butterfly Bush - Delivered By ServeScape

Buddleja x 'Podaras #8'


| 1 G | 10 Avail. | $11.55

| 3 G | 25 Avail. | $20.48

Blue Heaven Butterfly Bush is a compact branching shrub with a spreading, mounding habit and fuzzy silver green foliage.  The short fragrant spike-like clusters of blue-violet flowers bloom continuously from summer until frost attracting butterflies.  Best performance in sunny well-drained areas.  Blue Heaven has good drought resistance. Type:  Shrub Height:  2’ - 2.5’  Spread:  2’ - 2.5’ Spacing:  2’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  5 - 10 Culture:  Full Sun Bloom Color:  Purple Season of Interest:  Summer, Fall MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low maintenance plant. Intolerant of wet soils.  Watch for spider mites and nematodes. LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, Borders, Wildlife Gardens, Rock Gardens, Foundation Plantings, Hedges, and Containers. COMPANION PLANTS:  Russian Sage, Daylily, Coneflower

Calycanthus floridus ~ Sweetshrub, Carolina Allspice - Delivered By ServeScape

Calycanthus floridus


| 3 G | 80 Avail. | $24.68

Sweetshrub is dense rounded deciduous shrub with aromatic luscious dark green leaves that turn gold in fall.  Highly fragrant dark red magnolia-like flowers bloom in late spring into summer which give way to fruits that persist into winter.  Grows best in full sun and moist, well-drained acidic soils.  Calycanthus is pollinated by beetles, its flowers do not attract other pollinators as much.  However, its seeds are sometimes eaten by small mammals and birds. Type:  Shrub  Height:  6' - 10' Spread:  6’ - 12' Spacing:  8' USDA Hardiness Zone:  4 - 9 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Red Season of Interest:  Spring, Summer, Fall MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Do not let the soil...

Forsythia x intermedia 'Spring Glory' ~ Spring Glory Forsythia - Delivered By ServeScape

Forsythia x intermedia 'Spring Glory'


| 3 G | 300 Avail. | $23.00

Spring Glory Forsythia is an upright deciduous shrubs  with a rounded outline.  Coating masses of soft yellow early spring flowers bloom on lightly arching branches before its leaves are out.   Flowers best in full sun and well-drained soils.  Moderately drought tolerant once established. Type:  Shrub Height:  6' - 10' Spread:  6' - 8’ Spacing:  7'  USDA Hardiness Zone:  5 - 8 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun  Bloom Color:  Yellow Season of Interest:  Spring MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Water regularly-weekly or more in extreme heat.  Unkempt growth may occur if shrub not regularly pruned after flowering.  Propagate with stem cuttings.  Some susceptibility to leaf spot and crown gall. LANDSCAPE USES: ...

Deutzia 'NCDX2' ~ Yuki Cherry Blossom® Deutzia-ServeScape

Deutzia 'NCDX2'


| 3 G | 25 Avail. | $47.78

Yuki Cherry Blossom Deutzia is a small rounded deciduous shrub with serrated green leaves that turn purple-bronze in fall.  Tiny soft pink flowers with white margins on the petals and light violet backs bloom on upright panicles cover the shrub for two weeks in early spring.  Blooms best in full sun and moist, and well-drained soils.  Type:  Shrub Height:  1' - 2’ Spread:  1’ - 2’ Spacing:  1.5’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  5 - 8 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Pink Season of Interest:  Spring, Fall MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Annual pruning often required due to short life of stems- prune immediately after flowering.  Some susceptibility to leaf spot. Watch for Leaf miners...

Rosa banksiae ~ Lady Banks Rose - Delivered By ServeScape

Rosa banksiae


| 3 G | 25 Avail. | $39.38

Lady Banks Rose is a vigorous climbing deciduous shrub with lightly fragrant clusters of densely pack flowers that are usually yellow or white and bloom in clusters in spring.  The glossy dark green foliage is nearly thornless and can also be used as a groundcover if not supported.  Best grown in full sun and rich, moist, slightly acidic well-drained soils.  Lady Banks only bloom on old wood so be careful not to over prune, but is more drought and disease tolerant than most rose species.  Type:  Shrub  Height:  20' - 30'  Spread:  6’ - 10' Spacing:  8' USDA Hardiness Zone:  7 - 9 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Yellow/White...

Chaenomeles x superba 'O Yashima' ~ O Yashima Flowering Quince - Delivered By ServeScape

Chaenomeles x superba 'O Yashima'


| 3 G | 15 Avail. | $24.15

O Yashima Flowering Quince is a dense, small deciduous shrub with a rounded habit.  The foliage is a glossy dark green on thorny stems with no fall color.  large semi-double flowers open green and mature to white with yellow stamen bloom heavily in late winter into spring attracting butterflies. The fruits are showy yellow pommes in fall but can be messy on lawns or walkways.  Prefers full sun and rich well-drained soil.  The fruits and berries are bitter fresh but make good preservatives.  Drought tolerant once established. Type:  Shrub Height:  4’ - 5’ Spread:  4’ - 5’ Spacing:  4’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  5 - 9 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom...


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