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All Purpose Organic ~ Nelson Plant Food - Delivered By ServeScape

All Purpose Organic


| 3 LBS | 6 Avail. | $26.25

All Purpose Organic Nelson Plant Food improves plant disease resistance, promotes healthy root systems, improves overall plant vigor, increases microbial populations, and improves soil health. All Purpose Organic is made from 100% organic ingredients. It's safe, non-burning, and suited for all plant types   Where to Use: Use on turf, landscape ornamentals, annual & perennial flowers, vegetable gardens, and pastures.   When to Use: Turf: Apply in early spring, in early summer, and again in early fall Ornamentals: Apply at time of planting, Reapply every 60-90 days until early fall Pastures: Apply in early spring and early summer   How...


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