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Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Templehof' ~ Templehof False Cypress - Delivered By ServeScape

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Templehof'


3 G | 95 Avail. | $27.90

Tempelhoff False Cypress is a pyramidal evergreen conifer shrub with overlapping whorls of two toned fern-like foliage.  The scalloped foliage emerges yellow green and matures to darker green in the inner plant with golden tones on the outer edges with a light bronzing in winter.  Prefers full sun and moist well-drained soil. Type:  Shrub, Conifer Height:  8’ - 10’ Spread:  4’ - 6' Spacing:  5’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  4 - 8 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  N/A Season of Interest:  Year-Round MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Water regularly but needs well-drained soil.  Juniper blight, root rot, and certain insect pests can be issues if soil to wet. Shelter from hard winds.  In southern...

Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point' ~ Blue Point Juniper - Delivered By ServeScape

Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point'


3 G | 90 Avail. | $19.90

15 G | 25 Avail. | $250.00

Blue Point Juniper is a densely branched coniferous shrub with a broad pyramidal habit.  The spiny aromatic needle-like foliage is bright silvery blue-green.  Best planted in full sun and well-drained soils.  Drought Tolerant once established.  A carefree plant that can be left alone after planting or trained. Type:  Shrub Height:  4' - 12' Spread:  5' - 8' Spacing:  6' USDA Hardiness Zone:  4 - 9 Culture:  Full Sun Bloom Color:  N/A Season of Interest:   Year-Round MAINTENANCE NEEDS:  Low Maintenance.  Junipers are generally susceptible to blights, especially in unusually wet weather.   LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, Borders, Woodland Gardens, Naturalized Areas, Rock Gardens, Hedge, and Containers. COMPANION PLANTS:  Catmint, Maiden Grass, Rose IMAGES: Mokkie, Chinese Juniper...


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