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Acorus gramineus 'minimus' ~ Dwarf Sweet Grass-ServeScape

Acorus gramineus 'minimus'


| 18-CT FLAT | 25 Avail. | $45.00

Dwarf Sweet Flag is a compact aquatic semi-evergreen perennial with sweetly aromatic medium green grass-like leaves.  The fleshy spadix covered with tiny greenish-yellow flowers appears in summer, followed by dark berries.  Crushed foliage emits a delightful scent.  Prefers full sun and moist to wet soils, or afternoon shade if grown in hot Southern climates.  Type:  Perennial Height:  - 0.5'  Spread:  - 0.5'  Spacing:  0.5' USDA Hardiness Zone:  5 - 11 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Yellow Season of Interest:  Summer, Year-Round MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low maintenance.  The plant will scorch if the soil isn't kept moist. LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, Borders, Naturalized Areas, Wildlife Gardens Native Gardens, Pond Edges, Water Gardens, and Containers. COMPANION PLANTS: Japanese Maple, Fothergilla, Iris IMAGES: Photo by David J. Stang, Acorus gramineus 1zz, CC...

Agapanthus africanus ~ Blue Lily of the Nile-ServeScape

Agapanthus africanus


| 1 G | 75 Avail. | $10.56

Blue Lily of the Nile is a tender mounding evergreen perennial with narrow grass-like foliage.  The attractive, deep blue flower clusters bloom on above the leaves in late spring into summer.  Occasionally reblooms, if spent flower stems are promptly removed.  Flowers best when pot-bound and consistently moist. Type:  Perennial Height:  1.5' - 2' Spread:  1.5' - 2' Spacing:  1.5' USDA Hardiness Zone:  8 - 10 Culture:  Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Color:  Blue Season of Interest:  Spring, Summer MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low maintenance.  Water regularly.  Best planted on-site in a pot to easily move inside to overwinter. LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, Borders, Woodland Gardens, Naturalized Areas, Rock Gardens, Foundational Plantings, and Containers. COMPANION PLANTS: Heuchera, Daylily, Japanese Barberry IMAGES: Photo...

Aspidistra elatior ~ Cast Iron Plant-ServeScape

Aspidistra elatior


| 1 G | 135 Avail. | $12.58

| 3 G | 105 Avail. | $30.78

Cast Iron Plant is a hardy slow-growing evergreen perennial that can tolerate a variety of conditions.  The thick glossy lance-like leaves can be 12 to 20 inches long glossy lance-like leaves are usually dark green, though some cultivars may have variegated leaves with yellow or cream stripes or spots which tend to be less vigorous.  Insignificant creamy-purple flowers may appear at soil level in spring.  Grows best when given partial shade and well-drained soils.  Drought tolerant once established.  Type:  Perennial Height:  1’ - 3’ Spread:  1’ - 2’ Spacing:  2’ USDA Hardiness Zone:  7 - 11 Culture:  Part Sun, Full Shade Bloom Color:  Purple Season of Interest:  Year-Round...

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