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Akebia quinata

Chocolate Vine, Fiveleaf Akebia

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Chocolate Vine is a vigorous woody climbing vine with edible seed pulp that is semi-evergreen in warmer climates.  The attractive blue-green foliage has grey-blue undersides that hide the chocolate-scented flowers that bloom in spring.  Long sausage-shaped violet seed pods follow the flowers, which split open in fall. Grows best with support in full sun and well-drained soils.  Drought tolerant once established.  Extremely aggressive spreader.


Perennial, Vine


20’- 40’ 


6’- 9’



USDA Hardiness Zone: 

5 - 9


Full SunPart Sun

Bloom Color: 


Season of Interest:


MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance.  Water regularly. Extremely aggressive spreader- Plant roots in contained area and away from plants it can climb to prevent smothering.  Listed as invasive in the Southeast.

 LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, Borders, Rock Gardens, Groundcover, Walls and trellises, and Containers.

COMPANION PLANTS: Clematis, Rudbeckia, Coneflower

IMAGES: Photo by Leonora (Ellie) EnkingAkebia quinata (Chocolate Vine), (2) Robin Chubret2016-04-14-141246-Akebia-fleurCC BY-SA 4.0, (3) Ursus sapienAkebia quinata (vine, fruits, flowers) 10CC BY-SA 4.0, (4) monadoAkebia quinata leafCC BY-SA 2.5, (5) Asio otusPflanze-Akebia3-AsioCC BY-SA 3.0, (6) Ursus sapienAkebia quinata (vine, fruits, flowers) 03CC BY-SA 4.0

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